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Our organization is an E&S property focused wholesaler that specializes in all types of hard to place accounts and has 250 years of combined experience. We place business on national level and have a deep understanding of the current marketplace in each region. Our knowledge and intellectual capital are massive assets to your organization. We have the marketplace relationships and speed to handle your deals with the utmost efficiency. You have a choice in who you work with and you’ll quickly realize that we are the right one. Please reach out to a team member to see how we can help you!


We are best served for placing risks that are non-renewed or ineligible for admitted markets. We are experts at placing property located near the coast, in convective territories or that are non-renewed due to frequency/severity of claims. We also place classes of business that are E&S as a result of age or class performance. This includes but is not limited to: Condominiums, Hotels, Apartments, Construction Risks, Vacant Property, Warehouses, Churches, Shopping Centers, Office Buildings, Manufacturing, Restaurants & General Real Estate. Below you’ll find some more detailed information on our niches that we have excelled in:

  • Coastal Property
  • Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Franchised Hotels and motels
  • New Build Construction Builders Risk
  • Wind Deductible Buy Downs
  • Parametric coverage (Quake, Cat, Hail, Tornado, Wildfire)
  • Vacant Property
  • Senior & Affordable Housing


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