Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Prior to joining my current firm, I was an Advisor for almost a decade and focused primarily on: These are obviously very different industries who all have their very specific risk prevention needs. However, there is one central connecting point between all of them – they all have employees. This central factor is what helped […]

Three Mistakes Dispensary Operators Make When Buying Insurance

Insurance policies are not all the same, and the coverage selected by neighboring cannabis businesses won’t match, but there are coverage options that a dispensary should strongly consider before deciding to self-insure. Here are three mistakes dispensary operators make along with some tips on how to stay adequately covered: 1) Not Buying Any Commercial Property Coverage This […]

An Introduction to McGowan Wholesale Cannabis Insurance

The Current State of The Industry The demand for cannabis insurance continues to grow each year. As of now, 38 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized medical cannabis, and 19 states and D.C. have legalized recreational, adult-use cannabis. The conflict between state and federal law makes compliance a minefield for cannabis-related businesses (CRBs). CRBs face […]

Parametric Insurance: Protection against California’s Wildfires

In California, abundant rain from earlier in the year has helped delay the wildfire season, but it has also produced vegetation that has since dried and is expected to burn. Officials are warning that wildfires will follow. Already, California has experienced 3,370 wildfires this year, with more than 20,000 acres burned. As more wildfires will […]

Should you invest in E&S Insurance?

An iPad sits on a desk with an insurance claim form appearing on the screen.

The Excess & Surplus (E&S) Insurance market is seeing incredible growth, driven by high-risk events such as climate disasters, COVID-19, and supply line challenges. In fact, E&S premiums exceeded $31 billion in just the first half of 2022, with further growth expected throughout 2023. Why is this specialty market growing so quickly, and what do […]