Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) for Dispensaries

What is EPLI? Dispensaries and other cannabis businesses face the same challenges that any organization faces with hiring and firing employees. However, several factors make dispensaries vulnerable to employment practices lawsuits. For one, the industry has a high employee turnover rate, averaging 40 to 60% churn within the first two months of employment (according to […]

Four Critical Mistakes Dispensaries Make When Purchasing Cannabis Business Insurance

Not all cannabis business insurance policies are created equal. Each dispensary or cannabis business has unique insurance needs, so policies will differ from company to company. With that in mind, there are several options that dispensaries should deeply consider before opting out. However, dispensaries routinely make the mistake of not buying enough insurance coverage in […]

Are You Prepared for 2017’s Active Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season

“Meteorologists have reported more tropical storm activity than usual.” Hurricane Harvey recently hit South Texas and Louisiana, causing mass flooding and an unprecedented $190 billion in possible damage. Hurricane Irma, which is expected to hit Florida in the coming days, is reported to be the second strongest Atlantic hurricane in history (second only to Hurricane […]

As Building Code Adoption Increases, Insurance Losses Decrease

Construction firms adhering to the appropriate building codes are experiencing lowered insured losses.

While greater adoption of building code standards is helping to keep down insured losses to properties and buildings, it doesn’t mean that architectural, engineering or constructions firms should forsake the crucial professional liability insurance necessary for protecting against the unexpected risks that can arise at any time.